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Hi, My name is Prince and I am from Ernakulam. Recently I got selected for an NHS interview at a very reputed hospital in Birmingham. I would like to appreciate the services provided by Aryavrat healthcare and Charkos Learning Centre who helped me with proper assistance and Cadence which is necessary for attending NHS interviews. They conducted the mock test and the feedback helped me a lot to overcome my drawbacks and meet my interview easier. Once again I would like to express my gratitude to the Aryavart Health Care team and Charkos Learning Centre. I would like to recommend this agency for those who are in search of a job under the NHS.



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Hi, this is Lakshmi from Charkos Learning Centre, Mysore. I recently passed my OET in the first attempt. As you know that there will be someone behind you in every success. For me, Charkos did enough. Well, I am very happy to have received one to one attention and get training from British and Indian trainers. I would recommend Charkos, it is one of the best OET training institutes to deliver hundred percent results. Thank you and all the very best.



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Hey, this is Deepanshi and I am a nurse by profession. I have been training for OET with British and Indian trainers at the Charkos Institute, Mysore for the past two months. The training and the individual attention are simply fantastic. I strongly recommend Charkos as it is the best institute for OET training. Thank you and good luck.



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Hi, I am Jinnu and I am from Chennai. I’m here to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation towards Aryavrat HealthCare Agency and Charkos Learning Centre, especially Dr. Seema ma’am, miss Jean ma’am, and miss Julie ma’am, who really helped me to successfully clear my NHS interview. They were really active in providing me the study materials, conducting the mock interviews, and providing feedback which really helped me a lot and after that, I could attend the interview in a really confident way and I would like to recommend the upcoming candidates who really want to fly to abroad to consult this agency, they will really help you out. Thank you.




“I am very excited now.I don’t have any words to express my gratitude and happiness. Charkos Academy helped me a lot to achieve my goal. I got many updated materials, which I could make use of for my examination. I had many friendly teachers at the centre, who helped me with this. I was weak in my speaking, but all teachers were helped me a lot. I would like to name some teachers, who all are behind in my success. Firstly, I would like to thank my Seetha chechi, who stood behind me as a pillar in all situation. She is the one, who taught me the first letter of OET and because of her support I am here today in this position. We are really lucky to have her in this institution, because, she always try to spend her time for students and always stand for students. She always analyses our problems and find solutions, not only for studies, also in our personal issues. That’s why she is my best teacher, a good friend and a loving sister. Then, Manish sir, I don’t know how to express my gratitude towards him, because, whenever I became weak in my studies, he motivated me, encouraged me and helped me to rectify all problems in my journey of OET. He arranged extra sessions for us and provided many tips to handle all modules. He is very friendly and everytime he was there with us to help. Next is Paul, who cannot be left out without mention…what to say,he is the backbone of Charkos. Being a foreigner, it was very difficult for me to communicate, but, he changed his accent and tone for us to learn his way of speaking. We are really happy to have him in this OET. He put his maximum effort for my success. Finally, he became a mentor. Jithin sir and Hima mam were helped me a lot in my speaking and writing. Running short of words, my teachers were stood for me as pillars to clear OET. I also thank to almighty for my success. Once again, thanks to everyone and thanks to the entire crew of Charkos.”

Kochu Thresia Joji
Student at Aryavrat

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Nursing Career in UK

For those who are willing, the way is right here. We help you in getting trained and settled.

Nursing Career in UK

For those who are willing, the way is right here. We help you in getting trained and settled.

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